There's more than waste we can assist with.

The manufacturing industry is inevetiably headed towards automation. This automation can only be achieved through the procurring of smart sensor systems. These unique systems require robust and plug and play solutions that won’t affect production.

Manufacturing Means Waste.

You already know how much waste can cost, especially when it can be avoided. Lidbot can help you monitor your manufacturing waste. It can also help you conduct A/B Tests when a new method is implemented. Implement a new strategy and monitor your waste to see how much you saved.

Custom Solutions for raw materials.

With Lidbot, you will never have to manually order supplies and slow down production. Our sensor can be customized to notify you or your suppliers to automatically re-order once a low percentage is recorded.

Robust Plug & Play.

We know what you need. Something that won’t interupt your processes or slow down production. Our customized industry sensors are made to do just that. So you can sit back and watch the data come through. Business as usual.

Implement your Smart Manufacturing Initiatives.

In order to be recognized as a smart manufacturer, you need systems like Lidbot in place. Our full solution will help you get one step closer in transitioning into a smart manufacturer. We will be there every step of the way to help and lower your plants carbon footprint and be recognized as the great facility that you are.