turns every waste or recycling
 bin into a smart bin.


Plug & Play.

Stick Lidbot to any waste or recycling bin and receive alerts when the bin is full.


Lower your collection costs, increase cleanliness and better understand your waste & recycling.


Lidbot comes cellular connected so you don't have to worry about connectivity.

Long Lasting.

3AA batteries are all that's needed to power Lidbot for up to 7 years.

Sum Up.

$100 per device
1 year analytics access
1 year cellular connected
Unlimited API requests

Monitor your data from our software built just for you.

Get Alerts.

You and your team get alerts when waste or recycling bins become full or have been successfully changed.


View extensive data about where your waste comes from and why. Then, build actionable plans to reduce waste and increase recycling.


Let Lidbot take control and become autonomous in the ever-changing environment of waste and recycling.


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